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Come and see what a truly progressive, 21st century school looks like at our Reception Class open afternoons on the 16th or 22nd March. Exclusively for parents of children starting school in Reception Year in September 2022 or 2023.

Atelier 21 School values relational teaching where your child will be valued, listened to and understood right from their first day at school. As learning partners to your child, we see young people as researchers of the world, and our job is to help unfold them rather than mould them.

Our dynamic and unique curriculum is full of creative opportunities, project-based learning and direct teaching, and seeks to help your child develop a healthy mindset towards learning, by giving them the agency and tools to be self-motivated through the Learning Power Approach.

At our open afternoons you will hear from our founder, Hayley Peacock, on why the UK needs schools like Atelier 21 and you will be able to tour the school. Your child can also play in Reception Class while you chat to our teachers about how our school works, to blend rigorous academics with outdoor learning, entrepreneurship, self-directed opportunities and our democratic approach for an elevated pupil voice. This helps produce a child focused curriculum that is relevant, meaningful and joyful, to create a mindset for lifelong learning that aims to impact them for a fulfilling life, not just great exam results.

To book a space please visit: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/little-barn-owls/e-dxrelm