Pyjama Movie Day

With parents and children finding the third lockdown harder and struggling to balance work and home schooling, our Head Teacher, Hayley Peacock, decided it was time for only one thing – a ‘duvet day’!

Whilst parents up and down the country were ‘pulling their hair out’ trying to teach their children and hold down jobs, the children at Atelier 21 stayed in their pyjamas for a day and chilled out watching films and eating popcorn.

Hayley explains: “Children and families are struggling and it’s actually heartbreaking to hear, especially when we have such a happy community usually. It feels good to know that fast decisions like cancelling a day of lessons to have a fun PJ movie screening instead are welcomed. We have a duty of care to provide a more relaxed and supportive attitude. We need to inject some serious fun into our young learners lives at a time when they need it most… so that’s what we are prioritising for the next couple of weeks – FUN!”

As a small school with an open and honest environment, where Hayley is more than welcome in the parent’s WhatsApp groups, any tensions in the school community are addressed quickly. The size of our school and its progressive approach to learning means that it is possible for changes to be made to lesson plans at short notice…part of the beauty of having an emergent curriculum. With a teacher to child ratio of 1:10, it is also easier for them to notice any changes in the children’s motivation and behaviour and when their well-being needs boosting.

The needs of its community are put first and it makes a concerted effort to provide the best preparation for their children in an ever-changing modern world. The strong focus on supporting the children’s well-being and mental health through teaching mindfulness, yoga, creativity and individual expression is particularly appealing at this time. The pressured, test driven culture to pass exams is replaced with a totally unique, personal responsibility model that aims to encourage a pupil to develop self-motivated, rigorous attitude towards mastering skills and developing knowledge over time.

The parent’s response to the ‘Pyjama Movie Day’ has been overwhelmingly positive:

“Thank you so much for listening and adapting to the needs of the children. I wish other schools would be so intuitive and receptive to their well-being needs too. Atelier 21 was amazing before but you have just upped the perfecto-meter. Awesome staff who go above and beyond, serious super heroes, thank you xx.”

“Thank you so much to the Atelier 21 team for always putting the mental health and well-being of the children first and foremost and caring about us as a whole family. We are so lucky to be part of the Atelier 21 community.”

“I was actually quite emotional when my daughter told me about the PJ Movie Day plans. Thank you for being so supportive and receptive to all the Atelier 21 families.”

“This school is legendary for this exact reason, putting our kids’ mental health and well-being first. Our girls are ecstatic and are fully prepared with sweets/treats for the film. Thank you so much Atelier 21 for not being afraid to adapt and do things differently.”